The FBI wants to kill encryption to “protect” the American people


You know what’s scary? The FBI trying to legally force companies to weaken their encryption systems and install government accessible backdoors. You know what’s even scarier? The fact that the committee that has the power to put such laws into place is filled with technologically illiterate congressmen who don’t know anything about encryption. 

The FBI wants to make us all less safe. At least that’s the implication from FBI director Jim Comey’s push to ban unbreakable encryption and deliberately weaken everyone’s security. And it’s past time that the White House makes its position clear once and for all. Comey was back before Congress this week – this time in front of the House Appropriations Committee – imploring Congressmen to pass a law that would force tech companies to create a backdoor in any phone or communications tool that uses encryption. He also revealed the Obama administration may be crafting such a law right now. “One of the things that the administration is working on right now is what would a legislative response look like that would allow us … with court process to get access to that evidence”, he said.

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