The Galaxy Note 4 is launching in 140 countries by the end of October


There’s plenty of heat surrounding the Galaxy Note 4 at the moment. Yesterday we saw reports that Samsung was running scared of Apple and would launch the device early in its Korean homeland, and then we found that the device had in fact sold out of its pre-order run in the country. My own Samsung source said that the company’s roll-out timetable for the Note 4 is continuing as scheduled and that the giant had long planned for Apple’s impact.

Today Samsung held a “Galaxy Note 4 World Tour” in Seoul where the company detailed the availability of the phablet. The Galaxy Note 4 will officially launch in the country on September 26, just like a Samsung representative unofficially confirmed yesterday. After that Samsung aims to bring the phablet to whopping 140 countries by the end of October. The company intentionally moved the Galaxy Note 4’s launch earlier than planned because of the pressure by Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus duet. While detailed pricing and availability are going to vary from region to region, in South Korea a SIM-free Galaxy Note 4 will run you at approximately $920, which is the cheapest of any Note phablet so far. Pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 4 are already underway in the US. There, the phone is confirmed to launch on AT&T and T-Mobile on October 14.

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