The Galaxy S6 might have an aluminum chassis and curved display


There is a considerable amount of time left before it comes due for Samsung to release an updated version of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S series, but already the rumors have started following. We have got a new one to share today. It is being rumored that the upcoming flagship, which will probably be called Samsung Galaxy S6, is going to have an all-aluminum body and a curved screen. If this rumor holds its own weight then that means the Galaxy S6 will not simply have a metal frame, it will be fashioned entirely out of aluminum.

It’s no secret that Samsung isn’t having the best of years. Between a disastrous 3rd quarter earnings report and the less-than-great performance of the Galaxy S5, Samsung really needs to hit the ball out of the park with the next-gen Galaxy S. The good news is that Samsung may finally be taking the (somewhat arguable) decline of the Galaxy S line seriously. We’ve heard Samsung promise massive changes to its line-up before only to see nothing more than minor revisions to the same old Samsung formula, but perhaps things will finally be different this time around. For one thing, Samsung is now experimenting with metal, for another — they really want and need a hit with the GS6. So what exactly is Samsung doing differently? If a new rumor proves correct, the answer is that they are creating a very different form factor and design when compared to Galaxy S devices of the past.


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