The Google 2-Step: Security, Squared

Google 2 step

Google 2 step

With online security filling the news, even becoming a government issue with the National Internet ID on the horizon, Google has taken a step towards improving security of the user accounts by adding an optional layer of security. Their advanced sign-on feature allows users to opt-in to a double-tap login process, requiring a second unique identifier to thwart hackers.

Similar to the technique used by many financial institutions, users will need to know a password as well as a separate code sent to their cell phone. This information will be cookie-based so users can set their code to be remembered on particular computers for up to 30 days.

Reactions across the blogosphere have been lukewarm, which makes very little sense. This is an optional program. It only changes for those who want the added security and are willing to take the extra steps necessary. One of the keys to security is taking away convenience both for the user and more importantly for hackers. From that perspective, it really cannot be viewed as anything but a great step forward towards true business application for Google.

What do you think?

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