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The iPhone 4 Just Became Your Best Drinking Buddy

Picture 33

Picture 33

Man, the iPhone 4 isn’t even out yet and already the ‘cleverest app’ game has arguably been taken to its logical conclusion.

Utilizing the iPhone 4’s gyroscope, the Drunkometer is the brainchild of web designers 23, and boasts a host of handy features, such as drunk-dial prevention, a Google Maps overlay that prevents you from accidentally ingesting unhealthy food, Foursquare integration (I lold), and a big red button to call your ‘Rescue Buddy’.

To activate the Drunkometer, you simply perform a few simple balance tests while sober to calibrate the app. Once drunk, the app measures your ‘wobble factor‘ against the sober version and decrees how drunk you are, selectively activating features.


Now, I’m willing to believe this will be a real app, as it’s feasible, but some of the features just sound too funny to be real. I mean, come on: “Coming in version 2.0! Voice Analyzer determines how slurred your words are!” I’ll believe this when I see it. Or experience it firsthand. Whichever comes first.

[The Drunkometer]

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