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The iPhone 6 hasn’t been released and it’s already hurting Galaxy S5 sales

At some point in the next few months, Apple is going to unveil the next iteration of the iPhone. There’s a good chance that the company will debut two new models, and an even better chance that the iPhone 6 will feature a larger display that any previous iPhone, but we won’t know for certain until Apple takes the stage. As always, the anticipation has many potential consumers holding on to their current devices until Apple reveals its yearly offering, and this might throw a wrench into the gears of other vendors with a new phone already on the market. Samsung might be decreasing its Galaxy S5 orders by up to 25% in the third quarter in response to the upcoming release of the iPhone 6.

As tradition dictates, Apple will take the stage later this year to unveil its newest iPhone (or two, if the Cupertino giant is continuing its plans to offer a cheaper iPhone like the iPhone 5c). Rumors have pretty much confirmed that the next iPhone will finally get a larger display, which if accurate will likely drive a few millions towards the iPhone, mainly those who have adopted Android due to the larger screen sizes available on Android devices. According to a report, Samsung is worried that a lot of its potential customers are currently holding out for the iPhone 6, and has apparently cut down on Galaxy S5 supply chain orders for the third quarter of 2014 by a whopping 25 percent. Samsung reportedly ordered 21 million units of the Galaxy S5 in the second quarter, but is expected to reduce that figure to 15 million in the coming three months. The Korean giant has also cut down on Galaxy S4 orders from 6 million to 5 million, which is an almost similar reduction to the Galaxy S5. There’s no telling if this report is accurate or not, but given the fact that a larger iPhone (likely a 4.7-inch one) will surely be tempting a lot of consumers into buying into Apple’s ecosystem, it might not be too far-fetched to think that Samsung is taking some steps to ensure it doesn’t have to sit on unsold inventory.

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