The iPhone 6S Plus will be even bigger than its predecessor


Most Android users have grown accustomed to phablets at this point, especially when smartphones exceeding 5.8-inches are becoming more common, but iOS users are still new to this kind of thing. The first iOS phablet was released less than a year ago, so many people are still getting used to the idea of having a massive smartphone like the iPhone 6 Plus, which is why it might be a bit difficult for them to handle the iPhone 6S Plus. Not only is Apple making the device thicker than its predecessor, MacRumours claims that the company is making the iPhone 6S Plus will be slightly taller as well. 

A set of images that claim to show someone measuring the body of the upcoming iPhone 6S apparently confirms that Apple’s new handset will be slightly larger than its predecessor, the iPhone 6. According to the images that were posted by MacRumours, who received the images from a trusted source, an iPhone 6S was assembled from numerous parts and measured as being 7.08mm thick – compared to the 6.9mm thickness of the iPhone 6. Previous leaks have suggested that both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus will be thicker than their predecessors by 0.2mm, with the rumoured inclusion of Force Touch technology being touted as the reason for this size increase. The new photos also claim to show a slight increase in the height of the iPhone 6S, with it measuring 138.19mm tall, compared to the iPhone 6’s height of 138.1mm. As size increases go, an increase of 0.09mm isn’t the most ground (or pocket) breaking leap, but it does make us wonder what other tech Apple could be making room for inside the iPhone 6S. The width looks set to increase as well, if these images are to be believed, with a width of 67.68mm compared to 67.0mm of last year’s model.

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