The iPhone case that allows you to re-visit the 90’s


90s iPhone Case

Do you remember the 90’s? When Beverly Hills 90210 wasn’t a remake, sideburns were cool, again, the song, “Ice, Ice, Baby” was a hit on the radio and when everyone invested in owning a cellphone, that’s right, not a mobile device or smartphone, a cell phone. Times have certainly changed and many of us miss those days, but now we can re-visit the 90’s with this very cool iPhone case.

Aptly named, the 90’s iPhone Case is similar to other cases in that it protects your mobile device from bumps and scratches, but unlike them, due to it being shaped like the flip phones we used to own in the 90’s. The lid of the case is a working speaker and it has an extendable aerial. As for the size of the case, it is perfect for easy access to all buttons and functions located on an iPhone 4 and 4S.

You can continue playing all your favorite games and talking with friends on social networks, just as you would normally do on your iPhone, but with a standout case that lets you step back in time and re-visit the 90’s.

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