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The June Xbox One update will enable external hard drive support

If you thought that maybe your Xbox One console could do with more memory, you might recall that Microsoft announced back in May that the June update would allow for external drive support, right? Well we are in June and the good news is that Microsoft has since officially announced that the update has begun rolling out to Xbox One users. What this means is that gamers will be able to plug in external hard drives to their Xbox One console via its USB 3.0 port. The external hard drive support will let gamers store their games, add-ons, and apps that might not fit on the consoles default 500GB hard drive. 

Microsoft announced the Xbox One’s next major update is available starting today, and rolling out globally across the week. This morning we were able to download the 296MB update, which adds external storage support, automatic sign-ins upon booting, real name options for friends, and the live TV feature OneGuide for users in Canada and Europe. It also removes the Xbox Live Gold paywall from a number of apps like Netflix and Hulu, as does the update coming to Xbox 360 this week. The headline addition is the external storage support, which lets you connect up to two 256GB-plus USB 3.0 drives to the Xbox One. You can also choose which of the drives is your default for installs, including the internal 500GB number. Not a bad addition considering current-gen game installs seem to often hit the half-century mark for GBs.

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