Alibaba needs to be much more than just the “Amazon of China”


Alibaba has been called the “Amazon of China,” and has certainly been dominating in its home country, but the Chinese e-commerce giant has little influence overseas. This is something that the company’s new CEO, 43-year-old Daniel Zhang , believes needs to change if Alibaba wants its success to continue. This is why he wants to begin hiring foreign talent to adopt “global thinking” and begin heavily investing in “new and existing overseas operations.”

After taking over the reins, Alibaba Group’s new CEO has made global expansion a top priority for the Chinese e-commerce giant. Alibaba will heavily invest in “new and existing overseas operations,” said Daniel Zhang in a speech on Wednesday to employees, an excerpt of which was posted on the group’s website. Zhang, 43, was the company’s chief operating officer until he replaced CEO Jonathan Lu last week, as the group said it was looking to tap new younger talent. In his speech, Zhang said he wants to recruit talent from other countries and adopt “global thinking.” If the company can’t globalize, then Alibaba won’t last, he said. Most of Alibaba’s business is still centered on China where it runs two of the country’s largest online retail sites, and Taobao Marketplace. Although there’s still plenty of room for growth in China, the company has been gradually expanding into foreign markets, where it could end up competing with and eBay.

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