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According to MobiThinking, 86.7% of the world’s population are mobile subscribers. 1.2 billion of this percentage are mobile web users and 25% of mobile web users only use mobile web or very rarely use desktop websites.

In 1996, Nokia launched a very early version of the first ever smartphone. 16 years later we are a smartphone civilization. We have the internet in our back pockets. We share our lives minute by minute via social media, texting and emailing.

In another study by MobiThinking, they found that globally, mobile page views have nearly doubled in the year between May 2011 and May 2012.


What does this mean for your business’ desktop website?

SmartphoneYou need to have your brand’s desktop website optimized for mobile use. What this means is that if one of the 25% of the population who are mobile only users tries to access your website using a mobile device like a smarthphone or tablet, they can view a fully functional easy to read website for your brand on the device.

What if you aren’t optimized for mobile?

If your website is not optimized for mobile use it will not only take longer to upload on the users device, it will be harder to navigate and harder to view in general. This could potentially mean the loss of a customer as they back out of your website and find the restaurant down the street that does have a mobile ready website on which they can check the hours, check the prices and the menu and make reservations in a matter of minutes.

When working with a mobile website designer you can select the most important aspects of your desktop website to be displayed on your mobile site. What do people need on the go? What are they looking for?

It has been predicted that in the next two years mobile web use will completely overtake desktop use. Will your business be ready with a website for your mobile customers? Are your customers already mobile? It’s time to get in the back pockets of your consumers. Be where they are all the time.

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