The most remarkable transit system for cats


transit system for cats

Our friendly felines love to have freedom to roam and the last thing we ever want to do is yell at kitty to get down from spots he or she is not supposed to jump up on, but kitty will be kitty and jumping they will do.

Most of us have cats that own us and for the most part we surrender, however it is hard to explain to dinner guests why the turkey got eaten or finding time to constantly brush the couch (you know you swear by your schticky). Therefore a solution to keep both you and your cat happy has been created.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if your furry family member could have a spot of their very own? Many of us do not like letting our cats outdoors due to the dangers it poses to our best friend, yet we know how happy it would be for kitty to have the ability to work on their agility. We sometimes even feel guilty for keeping them indoors but we know it’s for the best and everything they do, even the naughty behaviours, is tolerable due to the immense love we have for our cat.

A design build studio known as Because We Can has created a “cat tube” that is also known as a cat friendly transportation system. Like the desk, Because We Can has also used the celling space to dedicate to your four-legged friend.

The tube system travels over the desk (a spot many of us spend a lot of our time) and no yelling needs to be had since the tube is a spot for kitty to walk through and even peek out at you through the peering port that sits at the top of the transit system.

As much as kitty loves to socialize he or she also loves to hide away for some alone time which the tube provides as well. It looks much like a steampunk transit system with its aesthetically pleasing accents and metal look.

This has got to be the most remarkable transit system that just happens to be for cats.

remarkable transit system for cats

Cat Transit System Full View

Cat Transit System from Below

Happy Kitty in Peering Port


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