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The new old-fashioned digital camera

The Digital Polaroid Camera

Bell Bottoms, miniskirts, record players, and dance moves have all been altered and transferred from one generation to the next, making what was once old, new again. Lifestyles have adjusted and changed over the years, and now we are currently living in a digitally obsessed world where we want everything instantly, therefore, it is no wonder that the Instant Polaroid Camera has also joined the list of what is making a comeback.

It is hard to imagine that there was a time when we had to get our film developed and wait days before we could see any of our photographs. When the Polaroid camera was first introduced, we were in awe of its ability to let us see photos develop right before our eyes and more recently, the digital camera enabling us to edit, touch-up, and print-out our photos at home.

The Digital Polaroid Camera is a combination of what a Polaroid and digital camera can both do, but with some alterations, which makes both of these some-what dated cameras, new again.

Developed by Polaroid, this camera has an integrated printer that allows users to print out photos without the use of any ink or ink cartridges. Instead, it uses embedded patented paper with colored dye crystals that instantly print out 2”x3” color photos from its side. The photos are borderless, smudge and tear proof, as well as, fade and water resistant.

This 10 megapixel camera has a 3” color LCD display that lets you view photos perfectly while you crop and edit, a video feature with audio and a 6X digital zoom. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB cable and 10 sheets of paper, as well as, an SD memory card that allows you to store up to 32GB.

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