The new ultra-private Blackphone 2 is much better than its predecessor


The first Blackphone got a lot of attention when the Snowden leaks were still fairly new and people were more concerned about privacy than ever, but when the ultra-private, ultra-secure smartphone was actually released it received a collective “meh” from reviewers. It was a decent device, but now Silent Circle is back with a successor, the Blackphone 2, and this one definitely looks a bit more interesting. 

You may not have heard of the Blackphone, but it made a splash among privacy-conscious buyers. Released last year as a result of a joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone, it was the first Android phone geared toward those who want more security and privacy. All calls and texts made with the phone are secure from prying eyes, thanks to encryption and special software. Silent Circle recently acquired Geeksphone’s share of the business and unveiled the Blackphone 2 earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, but it was unknown when the new phone would be available. The company quietly announced that you can preorder the BlackPhone 2 now, ahead of its September release. Niche phones like the BlackPhone 2 usually bring sub-par specs. That was the case with the original Blackphone, but Silent Circle stepped up its game with the Blackphone 2. The privacy-obsessed phone has more mid-range specs this time around.

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