The next Apple TV could feel a lot like an iPhone


We’re all expecting Apple to unveil the next-generation Apple TV at its big iPhone event next month, but what can we expect from the new media streamer? According to 9to5Mac, the new Apple TV won’t just come with the obvious hardware upgrades, the operating system and user interface are getting a massive rework so that using Apple TV feels more like using iOS 9, as well as a few new features that will make the Apple TV feel a lot like an iPhone.

When Apple’s new set top box launches, it’s going to feel a lot more like using your iPhone. That’s because this model will be the first Apple TV to run software that’s mostly powered by iOS — the operating system on iPhones and iPads — rather than Apple’s custom TV interface, according to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. The report says that the new Apple TV will run on a version of iOS 9 that’s optimized for TV. This is why Apple didn’t release its new streaming console in June like many had expected — it was worried about using up too many iOS 9 engineering resources, Gurman says. The upcoming model is codenamed J34 and is expected to launch alongside Apple’s next iPhone, which is rumored to come at an event next month. In addition to running software that’s largely based on that of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the company is also reportedly launching a dedicated App Store for the Apple TV. This means developers will be able to build their own apps for the Apple TV just like they do for Apple’s other products.

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