The next-generation Apple TV may not support 4K at launch


It’s been a long time coming but all indications suggest that Apple is going to release a new version of Apple TV later this year, obviously with a bunch of new upgrades. Unfortunately, if rumors are to be believed, the device won’t support 4K content, at least not at launch. While this isn’t that big of a deal considering how little 4K content there actually is, it’s still disappointing to see Apple not trying to future-proof the next Apple TV. 

Industry watchers expect Apple to release a next-generation Apple TV set-top streamer later this year with a slew of upgrades, but the device might not support 4K high-definition content as some anticipated, according to a report published on Sunday. Citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, BuzzFeed News reports the fourth-generation Apple TV will not support 4K content streaming at launch. “4K is great, but it’s still in its infancy,” said an unnamed source. In November, a report claimed Apple’s latest A8 system-on-chip as found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was capable of outputting 4K video. If Apple sticks with convention the chip will likely power a next-generation Apple TV, leading some to believe the set-top box would also offer 4K support. With 4K video still very much a niche product, however, Apple’s supposed decision to not include the tech makes sense. As seen with fledgling services from Netflix, Amazon and Sony, the amount of 4K content available can be considered limited at best. Further, only a handful of expensive televisions are capable of displaying ultra high-definition.

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