The Oculus Rift will cost more than $350


Questions about how much the Oculus Rift will cost are always met with vague, inexplicit answers, and Oculus VR CEO Palmer Lucky is staying true to that policy. The only thing that Oculus VR has been clear on regarding the Oculus Rift’s price is that it won’t be cheap, something that Lucky confirmed once again in an interview with RoadtoVR where he says that the Oculus Rift will be more than $350. 

Ever since the Oculus Rift debuted on Kickstarter, there have been questions about how much the headset would cost. The first dev kit cost $300 when purchased as part of the Kickstarter and the second dev kit, which improved on the platform in a number of ways, weighs in at $350. Analysts had expected that Oculus would attempt to bring the Oculus headset to market at around that price point, since $350 is already an incredibly steep price for a nascent platform, but CEO Palmer Lucky has shattered that expectation. According to an new interview published by RoadtoVR, Lucky has now stated that the kits will be more than $350, though he’s not willing to state how much. Lucky explains that the Oculus Rift has added a great deal of additional technology since the days of the DK1 and DK2.

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