The OnePlus 2 will launch in two weeks for $329 or $389

In case you missed it, OnePlus officially announced the OnePlus 2 during the world’a first-ever virtual reality product announcement last night. While interesting, the event wasn’t all that great, especially since everything that was revealed during the event had already been revealed in previous leaks. The only new information we got is the price (16GB/$329 and 64GB/$389) and the release date (August 11th). Even so, the smartphone looks insanely impressive for the price, the only real complaint I have is the removal of NFC support. 

Android smartphone makers are hurrying to get out in front of the next iPhone, expected in September. On Monday night, China’s OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2, a 5.5-inch phone that costs half the price of handsets from Apple, Samsung and LG. OnePlus garnered attention last year when the young company said it would sell its first model, the OnePlus 1, by invite only. The device was not without flaws, but it was one of our favorite smartphones of the year. And with a starting price of $300 without a contract, it showed us that the old wireless carrier gotcha—pay through the nose or get locked in to a pricey contract—could be on its way out. The new model looks to be an improvement over its predecessor in nearly every way. “We started this company because we didn’t think any Android phones on the market were good enough,” OnePlus director and co-founder Carl Pei said. “We still think that’s the case, and we learned a lot from the OnePlus 1. The OnePlus 2 not only flagship worthy, but something that will remain cutting edge next year as well.”

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