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The OnePlus 3 will launch within the next few months

It seems like OnePlus is launching a new smartphone every few months, and the next one could launch by the end of the second quarter of this year, according to company co-founder Carl Pei. According to him, the OnePlus 3 will be released within the next few months, but he didn’t go into much detail about the device, aside from saying that the company will put more focus on the American market this time around. He didn’t mention whether the universally loathed invite system will be returning or not, or whether the OnePlus 3 will have NFC.

Recently disclosed to CNET in an exclusive interview, founder and director of OnePlus, Carl Pei, says that the OnePlus 3 is expected to launch before the end of Q2 this year. While Pei offered no exact detail into what fans of OnePlus can expect from the device, he did mention that he hopes the OnePlus 3 will captivate users the same way the original OnePlus One did with a “new design.” When asked about the invitation system, OnePlus’ pride and joy, Pei declined to comment on whether it would be implemented for the launch of the OnePlus, although, he did state the company expects to offer a “better buying process” to everyone. Furthermore, Pei claims that the US will be very important to OnePlus in 2016. Last year, the company launched the OnePlus X for many global markets, although, the device lacked specific LTE bands to allow it to work properly in the US. If OnePlus intends to take the US market seriously, inclusion of these bands will be necessary.

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