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The origami phone – because… well… why not?

origami phone

It’s still sort of interesting to ponder about the passing of the telephonic torch – that the shorthand ‘phone’ now typically refers exclusively to mobile phones, and that you have to clarify ‘home phone’ when discussing the landlines of Luddites still clinging to the past. Just give it up, guys. Mobile is the way.

And speaking of such mobile ubiquity, check this out: an origami phone. Designed by Chengyuan Wei to be quick n’ drrty disposable, the phone is a single sheet of foam that folds into a more-or-less handset-shaped configuration – perfect for those months when you can’t even afford pay-as-you-go.

How do you answer? How do you dial out? Good question. But nevertheless, this fails not to be awesome. Anyone who thought the iPhone was the thinnest in town, think again.

origami phone

origami phone2

origami phone3

origami phone4

What do you think?

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