The Paket Table for Squished Spaces


Packet table and chairs by Offi

Remember when mom and dad would have the small extra table in the basement for when family would come over for Thanksgiving dinner and fortunately for you it was your job to lug it upstairs chairs and all?

Fortunately there have been many design’s that have been invented since those days and this generation will probably have less back problems because of it. One such design is the Packet table and chairs by Offi.

This amazing looking box is actually a hide-away table and chairs that looks like it was mashed up with TV dinner trays (Oh the memories). Ideal for squished spaces and will seat 4 people comfortably with their own section for dining placements.

The Paket Table for Squished Spaces

If you are tired of being cramped and bringing those chairs and table up from the dreaded spider filled basement then the Packet is ideal and now it will be easier to invite the family over, now if only they could work on my Aunt who keeps asking if I will get married (SIGHS).

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