The Pirate Bay’s co-founder believes that it should stay dead this time


There were a lot of sad pirates on Tuesday after a massive police raid completely shut down the infamous Pirate Bay torrent website worldwide. However, TorrentFreak reports that Pirate Bay cofounder and former spokesman Peter Sunde now believes that the site should stay down with Davy Jones’ locker this time and permanently die off. 

A few weeks ago Peter Sunde was released from prison where he’d been serving a sentence for his involvement in The Pirate Pay. Peter is one of the few people who paid the ultimate price of sacrificing his freedom for the site but he isn’t mourning its recent troubles. In fact, Sunde would prefer it if the site shut down permanently. TF spoke with Peter this morning and he told us that the site has long since served its purpose. TPB’s main aim was to bring BitTorrent to the masses, a goal that was completed years ago. According to Peter the site has gone downhill in recent years up to a point where it turned into a soulless cash cow.

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