The real industry game changer with the new iPad: $399 iPad 2


iPad Pricing

In the US, people with absolutely no need to go from the iPad 2 to the “new iPad” will still wait in line for hours to get their hands on the device that is improved in many ways but not enough to make it noticeable to most. The retina display is something that most will have to compare side-by-side with an iPad 2 to really see the difference. 4G LTE is a nice feature, but those of us on 3G are likely already getting the speed that we require. The better cameras, faster processor, and additional features all add up to make the new iPad a necessary buy for many who already have an original iPad, iPad 2, or no Apple tablet at all.

The real game changer in this growing industry is the 20% drop in pricing for the iPad 2.

To some, $100 isn’t that big of a deal, but worldwide and to many struggling Americans it’s significant. While it still doesn’t bring it in line with the Kindle Fire, it may have inched the price close enough to make it challenge the Amazon product as well as other Android tablets that people often settle for because of the perception that the Apple product is too expensive.

“In India, the new iPad is likely to start selling at iPad 2’s current price, just under Rs.30,000,” said Nandagopal Rajan from India Today. “But the big news for a country as price conscious as ours has to be the fall in prices of the iPad 2. The chances are the older 16GB Wi-Fi version will now start selling at least Rs.5,000 less, making it much more affordable.”

Original iPad and iPad 2 sales have been relatively soft worldwide with many sticking with the single expense of a smartphone as their mobile-connectivity device. The drop in price of the iPad 2 will be enough to compel many around the world to make the jump to the bigger mobile device or to switch away from Android devices that have fared better overseas.

For weeks, much will be written about everything from the chosen name to the new apps that are potential on the new iPad, but the biggest news that won’t be covered as much is how Apple is making the tiered concept of worldwide sales a reality. It’s a concept that has worked very nicely in other industries such as fashion and entertainment where the hot items of yesterday that were replaced today by the latest and greatest in America get rejuvenated overseas.

It will work for Apple and it will change the game in the “post-PC” industry worldwide.

  1. “…to many struggling Americans it’s significant…”

    So remind me again why on Earth one would buy a pure luxury item like the iPad when you’re “struggling”?

  2. I don’t understand the case you are making for an Android tablet user to switch to the Ipad2. Are you implying that the Android tablet adapter chose that platform because of lower pricing? Really? And even if that was the case for some or most, why would they incur an other outlay of money after the initial purchase of the Android device? Ipad2 envy?

  3. Still no additional Memory slot? I’m still not going to buy it. I’m more likely to buy the Ipad 2 than before, but i’d sooner buy a More expensive, better performing Tablet with a Memory expansion slot. I’m sorry apple. It does not cost you 100$ for another 16 GB of Storage space. The transformer Infinity looks significantly better than the “new” iPad. An increased resolution is certainly not worth choosing the iPad over the Infinity. When is apple going to stop ripping off its customers?

  4. “The retina display is something that most will have to compare side-by-side with an iPad 2 to really see the difference.”

    – I disagree with that. The iPhone 4 / 4S is amazing to look at, regardless of whether you have another screen to compare it with. Having a similar screen density on a much larger screen can only be equal or better than that, in terms of looking at the screen, comparison or not. For me that’s the biggest selling point, for sure.
    Though I haven’t seen one in person so this is just speculation for me.

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