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The real truth about getting a job in Social Media

The real truth about getting a job in Social Media

First off searching for articles such as these can become a bit confusing, so spending time writing your own can probably be more useful, since many sites can lead you astray with their maverick/maven/guru tricks that make you do backflips when really you need to pay attention to the details.


This Industry is harder than it appears, not only to work in but to keep remaining fresher than deodorant to maintain a good grasp on what every social network decides to change, then you need to keep up with the startups that shoot up out of nowhere like a jack in the box to reading more than Levar does on Reading Rainbow… gosh I loved that show.

The point is you need to learn about social media, which is more like teaching yourself about Internet Marketing since social and search are now like He-Man and She-Ra… twinsies close.

Then once you start learning, never stop.

Be Social.

Don’t just set yourself up on social networks to appear to be there, that makes many people roll their eyes into the back of their heads much like when Honey Boo Boo comes on the TV and you cannot find the remote. You need to actually be social and talk, share, like, comment and be personable, not because you are looking for a job in social media, but because you are actually personable (if you aren’t, stop reading.)

Then once you are social, never stop.


Create a blog or find blogs that pertain to social media and either be the captain or the deck-hand but jump aboard the social writing ship and sail away into writing in ways social networking or social media has not yet been explained, fresh content is your best friend and will have people wanting you to write for them… I guess you know what is coming next right?

Then once you start writing, never stop.

Take Initiative.

Do not think you are the queen or king of the social castle and that you will be discovered (although it has happened), but that is not where all of your eggs need to be, you need to network, hustle and get your name out there as if it was plastered on a Coca-cola bottle. Waiting around will get you nowhere and bluntly, there are too many others just like you wanting to work in the Social Media Industry so try something new, approach people in the Industry and ask for their opinions and follow them on all of your social networks.

Then once you initiate, never stop.

Be Self-Reliant.

This Industry does not have a 9-5 normalcy, where you will have micro managers following your every move. You need to always prove yourself, since you are only as good as your last update. Being professional is always a certainty you must maintain and slacking off will most certainly show you the boot that will kick you to the curb. Fear the boot.

Then once you are self-reliant, never stop.

Be Loyal and Passionate.

These last two are optional; however they are the secret sauce to maintaining your credibility within this highly competitive business. Social Media is just like other businesses where there are politics, problems and sources that are untrustworthy, you do not need your name to show up on that imaginary list. You can choose either or none; it all depends on how you truly feel about social media.

Then once you realize that love for Social Media, that drive will never stop.

Levar Burton/Reading Rainbow image via: blogcritics

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Scarlett Madison is a mom and a friend. She blogs for a living at Social News Watch but really prefers to read more than write. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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