The rise of a socially connected internet [Infographic]


The rise of a socially connected internet

In the turn of the Millennium Internet growth has truly risen, although it has clearly been rising in the past two decades. Globally we have become more united and through the creation of an array of social networks sharing around the world have become simpler and as we have begun a new year we are able to easily reflect on the most recent year that has passed, 2012.

50% of all Internet users have signed into at least one social network, while 63.2% of Internet users visited a social network at least once a month. There is still a good chunk of us who use social sites more regularly and usually on a daily basis, but of course this would depend on what part of the world you live in and how frequently you are able to access a stable Internet connection.

In the following infographic “Around the World in Social Networking”, created by the social media marketing and infographic design companies Soci@l Jumpstart and Hasai, you are able to see where the rise of the Internet has grown around the world and learn which social networks where the most favored and grew the fastest.

This is a great visually detailed and colorful infographic that will provide you with the latest social media statistics of today.

The rise of a socially connected internet [Infographic][Click to view Infographic Larger] [social media around the globe image via shutterstock]

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