The rise of the mini media moguls


Mini Media Mogul

Social media is allowing a whole new generation to emerge. With young adults and children taking over social networking sites, it shows just how advanced our youth is today. They are using social media to their advantage, connecting with people (of course, as we all do), but they are also using it to promote themselves in numerous ways, turning themselves into a media entity.

Recently, AXA has released a fascinating study showing how children these days are using social media to build their own personal digital brand. It seems that they are realizing more and more that they have the power to shape their image and how they are perceived by others by using these social media sites – and they are right.

It is no wonder that an estimated 86% of children at the age of 11 understand the power of social media and how they can make themselves look good to others by using these tools provided to them. Adults, however, are just starting to come to grips with these sites. As ‘grown-ups’, we are beginning to see how social media marketing can be a huge advantage to our personal and professional lives; using it for branding, connections and much more.

Our younger generation has jumped right in, as they are aware that they can control social marketing technologies and have the power of image-creation. They are extremely savvy in altering content they share and adding connections or activities that they think will make them look ‘cool’.

All of this is blurring the lines that connect the relationship between media and consumer. To put it simply, without the power of a distribution platform, you have no voice in the digital world. I feel kids being connected virtually in the same aspects us adults are connecting, connects us to them. Living digitally connected of course gives us common ground to live connected in our offline world. Let’s welcome these mini media moguls into our digital world; after all, they are the ones who are starting to run it!

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