The softer side of social helps women stay professional: @HybridMom


Mom and Baby

In the fast moving world of tech (and the faster moving world of social media) finding the happy medium between family and professional life can be a challenge. It is particularly challenging for women at times because of heightened familial expectations mixed with equal professional responsibilities with their male counterparts.

As part of our ongoing Life Resources series, we took a long look at HybridMom. The website itself offers tons of material with advice, resources, tips, and experiences that women across the country can share and utilize. It’s not your standard women’s magazine – the focus is clearly on life balancing for professionals with articles such as 7 Lessons to Know Before Heeding the Lure to Entrepreneur.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t have fun. Articles encourage improved lifestyle concepts such as 3 Ways Any Woman can Make an Exciting Fall Fashion Statement.

Their social media presence is as strong as can be. On Facebook, they are extremely engaging with their growing community, responding quickly to questions and encouraging active participation with each post. Their Twitter presence is equally enticing – at least their 10k+ followers think so! Unlike most website Twitter accounts out there today, they do not have automated RSS fed posts but actually talk to their audience. It’s refreshing.

Women, if you aren’t following them on Twitter and Facebook, stop what you’re doing and check them out. They’re worth the space on your feed.

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