The tables have turned and now Facebook is taking the fight to Google


Even with the massive power of Google behind it, Google+ was never able to beat Facebook and, while the social network certainly couldn’t be considered a failure, it has failed to achieve the level of success that Google was hoping for. Now it looks like Facebook is going on the offensive now and is taking on Google in an area that the company dominates: video sharing.

A few years ago, Google invested heavily in Google+ in an attempt to take on Facebook. Despite many technical advantages and a few jewels such as Google Photos and Google Hangouts, Google lost the social network battle to Facebook. Now the tables have turned; this time, Facebook has brought the battle to Google and is taking shots at the company where it’s been strongest socially: in video, where Google’s YouTube property has dominated for years. As we’ve all noticed, Facebook’s autoplay feature on videos is extremely engaging. Automatically watching a few seconds of a video is a much bigger teaser than the YouTube thumbnail image. This key feature is not only pushing YouTube videos off Facebook, but also contributes to an increased rate of video watching and ad revenue from videos.

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