The Titan Zeus is a 370-inch 4K TV with a whopping $1.6 million price tag

In the realm of TVs, bigger is always better. Always. Maybe you’ve seen some 84, 110, or even 150-inch TVs, but I promise you that none of those can compare to the Titan Zeus, a massive 370-inch 4K TV with a $1.6 million price tag. How’s that for overcompensating? The Titan Zeus TV is a titan indeed. It measures 26 by 16 feet and weighs nearly a ton. Its display is capable of showing 65 billion colors in stunning 4K resolution. The Zeus was also designed to be used for indoors and outdoors, which should mean its screen is good at fending off glare from the sun.

For those wishing for a TV the size of their living room wall, look no further than the Titan Zeus, a whopping 370-inch TV that costs $1.6 million. The Titan Zeus has the largest dimensions we’ve ever seen, measuring 32 by 15 feet. The Zeus is designed for indoor or outdoor use, but to view it properly, you’d have to be about 50 feet away to optimize your enjoyment of the Titan Zeus. Thankfully, it’s a 4K display, meaning it has around four times the amount of pixels compared to a traditional 1080P HD TV. London-based manufacturer Titan first entered the TV industry in 2013 when Microsoft’s Xbox team wanted “the most beautiful gaming screen ever.” Since the introduction of its Zeus TV, Titan has sold only one Titan Zeus to a private customer. Titan recently told Engadget that the individual would prefer confidentiality. To visualize a screen of this size, here’s how a Titan Zeus would compare next to an elephant.

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