The will be 9.5 billion global mobile connections by 2019

We’re living in the age of smartphones, that much is clear, but its still hard not to be surprised by the sheer size of the numbers. There were 6.9 billion global mobile connections last year, but even more insane than that is the fact that the number is expected to rise to 9.5 billion within the next four years. 

A new report from research firm iGR predicts that the number of global mobile connections will rise from the 6.9 billion in place last year, to 9.5 billion global connections by 2019. Additionally, the study says that the global mobile penetration rate will hit 125% by 2019, up from the 96.4% reached last year. That figure will be reached thanks to the continued increase in use of smartphones, tablets and connected cars. If you’re wondering how penetration can be more than 100%, some users have more than one connected device.

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