The world did not end so let us review it



In less than a week the world was supposed to end (according to the Mayans) and many of us celebrated something (to some that would be Christmas) and that is how we are beginning to round out the year. To those who will be vacationing it out, cheers, and to the rest of us worker bees, we will be enjoying living vicariously through the staycationers.

Much happened this year and watching it unfold at once from Google’s perspective is pretty nifty since we can tend to forget simply because we move on, but like any year, this too was newsworthy and had momentous moments that will travel into the future as it is now a part of our historical past.

It is always neat to view videos that unravel a year’s worth of a chapter within a book within a matter of minutes. What has been your highlight of this year in review?

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