The world’s largest Bitcoin exchange reopens following 4-day suspension

Bitstamp restored service to its Bitcoin exchange this morning, four days after suspending withdrawals in the wake of an attack on its network that raised new concerns about the security of digital currency exchanges. “After rigorous testing, we have restored fully automated processing for Bitcoin withdrawals,” the exchange said. Meanwhile, Mt. Gox said it has suspended deposits while it investigated a denial-of-service attack on Bitcoin’s core infrastructure.

Bitstamp, the Slovenia-based manager of the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, said Saturday it has restored automated customer withdrawals after they were halted for four days after a hacking attack that crippled various platforms for exchanging the digital currency and raised questions about the security of its global network. Separately, another bitcoin exchange, Tokyo-based Mt. Gox, whose struggle with fraudulent customer requests paved the way for a network-wide denial-of-service, or DOS, attack Tuesday on elements of bitcoin’s shared infrastructure, said it had temporarily frozen deposits.

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