There are now more than a billion active Apple devices in the world

Tuesday’s quarterly earnings report was fraught with indications that Apple is losing its steam, and that 2016 will be the roughest year the company has faced in recent memory. In order to counteract the negativity of the report, the company decided to make some more uplifting announcements alongside it, such as that there are now more than a billion active Apple devices out there at the moment, which includes everything from Apple Watches to iPhones.

In conjunction with Apple’s earnings report, the company on Tuesday also announced that the cumulative number of active Apple devices (a tally which includes the Apple Watch, iPhones, iPads, Macs, iPods, and the Apple TV) eclipsed 1 billion last quarter, an impressive milestone to say the least. As for what constitutes an ‘active’ device, Apple said that any product which makes contact with any of the company’s services over the most recent 90-day period is considered to be active for purposes of the tally. Highlighting the scale at which Apple products are proliferating across the globe, Tim Cook added that the total number of active Apple devices during the 2015 holiday quarter increased 25% year over year. Of course, driving the boat here is the iPhone, the company’s most popular device and its primary revenue generator. As we reported not too long ago, Apple set a new iPhone sales record this past quarter with sales of 74.8 million units.

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