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There’s a 383-inch Surface tablet sitting in the heart of London

What more is there to say? There’s a gigantic Surface tablet on the streets of London right now. Good thing Microsoft didn’t erect their symbolic buzz-driving display in a place where it rains a lot. That would be silly.

Microsoft has a fascination with big screens. The software giant has demonstrated Windows 8 on its 82-inch Perceptive Pixel PC and created giant displays with Kinect built in. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates even uses a giant 80-inch Windows 8 display occasionally. Today, however, Microsoft is going one step further. At one of London’s biggest tourist attractions, Trafalgar Square, the company has created a 383-inch Surface tablet.

Sitting right next to Nelson’s Column, the giant Surface dwarfs all the other historic statues at Trafalgar Square. Microsoft built the structure in around 12 hours, and it’s 27 feet wide and 17 feet high, making it a roughly 383-inch display. A purple Type Cover 2 has been recreated, with keys that feed back to a Surface Pro 2 nearby. Microsoft is letting nearby school kids play on the keyboard with a spelling game. It’s all connected via USB and Micro HDMI and you can jump on the keys to control the input. The company has even built space around the keys so you can walk around them before you select the correct key to jump on. We tried the keyboard with the Twitter app for Windows 8, and it worked surprisingly well.

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