There’s a chance that Apple will try to acquire GoPro in the future


Investors have been losing a lot of interest in GoPro these past few months, but talks of a potential acquisition by Apple caused the company’s stock price to rise by as much as 16% on Thursday. One of FBR Capital’s analysts named GoPro as one of the companies that Apple is most-likely to acquire in the near future, alongside Adobe and Tesla. According to the analyst, GoPro’s action cameras “are uniquely positioned at the intersection of Apple’s smartphone, wearables, and multimedia offerings.” It’s important to note that there’s no evidence that such a deal will actually happen, the analyst is simply saying that the deal would make a lot of sense for Apple.

Apple may be set to nab up yet another company. The FBR Capital recently released some notice that the company known as GoPro could be acquired soon. They say that Apple is the company that could be a potential buyer for GoPro. How does Apple GoPro sound? First of all, GoPro very recently announced that they will launch what is known as Karma next year. Karma is a camera-equipped drone that is being developed by the company. However, what if Apple got their hands on that? That would be enormous for a company that is already enormous. Also, expert analysts actually predict a pretty big boost in revenue for GoPro. They say that their revenue could grow as much as 14% next year and 18% in two years. GoPro is on the up and up so this is a perfect chance for Apple to take advantage of that and acquire them. One analyst, in particular, thinks that this would be a tremendous idea for Apple to take over GoPro and become Apple GoPro. Daniel Ives, an FBR Capital analyst, mentions how this acquisition for Apple would vastly improve their multimedia offerings. He said that GoPro would give Apple a raid into specific areas. This is especially true in the drone making area. Also, Apple already has a GoPro app for their watch. It is not like Apple and GoPro are complete strangers.

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