There’s A Soldier In You, and Me, and Kobe Bryant

My apartment hasn’t had cable for years, and I’m pretty strapped for cash most of the time – understandably, I’m a little behind in the advertising world. But hot damn, have commercials for videogames ever been getting high budget.

This one for Call of Duty: Black Ops will either be the best commercial you’ve seen in awhile, or the worst. The cameos by Kimmel and Bryant (and… maybe there’s other stars in there too, I’m terrible with Hollywood) are great touches, and the guy at the end is, of course, gut-bustingly funny – but on the other hand, I have never seen an ad glorify war like this one does. It would make me sick to my stomach to admit I thought it was a good ad. So I won’t. Even if I do.

Happy Veteran’s Day, I guess!

What do you think?

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