This app wants to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping


It doesn’t matter how fun and easy shopping online is, when it comes to clothes and accessories, it’s almost always better to be at a physical retail store so you can try everything out for yourself to ensure that it’s as good as you imagines and, naturally, that it fits well. Online shopping and physical shopping don’t necessarily have to be two separate things, however, and an app called RainCheck thinks its can bridge the gap between the two. 

We all love shopping online. But sometimes, it just doesn’t get the job done. Is that shirt really going to fit me? Is that handbag actually going to look good? Sometimes, you’ve got to go to the store and see things in person before you make a purchase. But that can be a bit of a pain – especially if you see a lot of things you like on like but don’t know where to check them all out in stores, or can’t remember everything you liked. That’s where RainCheck comes in. RainCheck is a mobile app that lets you save items you find online to a wishlist. You can also share them with friends, comment on them, etc. – all the usual stuff. But when you enter a brick-and-mortar shop that carries one of the items on your wishlist, RainCheck will come to life. The app will notify you so that you can check out the item in person, find any discounts you might be able to get on it, and even help you pay for it conveniently with your phone.

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