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This bluetooth-enabled cooler is on track to break Kickstarter records

A Portland man is on pace to break a Kickstarter record for the most lucrative crowdfunding campaign ever. Ryan Grepper has reeled in $3.4 million in just five days for his geeked-out cooler that features a built-in bluetooth speaker, USB charger, blender, cutting board, bottle opener, and of course, it stores cold drinks, too. Kicktraq predicts that Grepper will raise more than $35 million when his campaign ends in 47 days, which would shatter the $10.2 million that the Pebble Watch raised in 2012. The cooler, which is selling for $185, is already the tenth most-funded Kickstarter project ever.

One of the hottest Kickstarters at the moment is also the coolest. It’s hard to imagine a cooler could inspire passion, but the Coolest cooler is winning crowdfunding fans by throwing everything from a blender to a Bluetooth speaker into the mix. The Coolest has some features that are just plain smart and practical. It comes stocked with all-terrain wheels, gear tie-downs for strapping your extra stuff on top, plate and knife storage, and an LED lid light to shine down on the glory of its contents. It holds 60 quarts and an internal divider doubles as a cutting board. The cutting board comes in handy when you want to slice limes for your margaritas, which you will be making with the 18-volt battery-powered rechargeable blender that attaches to the top of the cooler. The blender certainly catches the eye, but the tech doesn’t end there. There’s a USB charger for powering up your smartphone and a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can blast “Margaritaville” while you’re making your blended frozen beverages. The Coolest is not so much a cooler as it is a party companion.

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