This Dog Wants to Take the iPad Behind the Shed


Meet Chloe. She’s the furry little Corgi who is scratching furiously and barking at the iPad. Simple conclusion: dogs aren’t giving the iPad any thumbs up. Now don’t start getting all technical and say that dogs don’t have thumbs so that would be impossible anyways – IF Chloe had the ability, her thumbs would be down.

Her owner decided to try and see what Chloe would think about the futuristic device and clearly, she isn’t a fan. She backs away cautiously and moves the iPad away with her nose, many times.

During the first stage, titled ‘Curiosity,’ Chloe is clearly intrigued by the swirls and flashes coming from the screen of the iPad. She cocks her head from side-to-side, trying to figure out if it’s safe to be close to. The second stage is ‘Exploration,’ where she gets a little more comfortable and comes closer. Stage 3 is titled ‘Anger,’ and this is when Chloe shows her real distaste for the iPad and barks constantly.

The verdict: Chloe the Corgi will not be buying an iPad anytime soon.

[Source: Youtube]
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