This jacket changes colors based on your mood

The line between fashion and technology becomes more blurred by the day, especially thanks to things like smartwatches, but Lauren Bowker’s Eighth Sense is less fashionable and more like an artistic garment. This jacket is infused with special technology that enables it to change color which Bowker claims reflects the wearer’s mood. 

The latest garment in self-described alchemist Lauren Bowker’s The Unseen collection is called Eighth Sense: a jacket made of a flexible ceramic material which, according to The Unseen’s website, displays the wearer’s “aura” in an array of colours and shades. “An unseen force or ‘aura’ is outwardly emitted from every human as electromagnetic energy, these wavelengths through certain lenses can be seen as colour,” the manifesto reads. “The Unseen aim to discover and investigate this invisible energy field by using a physical garment that reads human magnetism coupled with the capture of EEG data. These biosignals are translated visually through our sculpture with the use of colour and pattern.”

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