This might be our first look at Motorola’s next flagship


Considering how the Moto X Style was released last July, we’re probably going to have to wait a few more months to see any official news regarding the device’s successor. Fortunately, unofficial news is always there for people who don’t want to wait months for information, and a Google+ user by the name of hellomotoHK may have just given us out first look at Motorola’s next flagship. The user posted an image of what appears to be a next-generation Motorola smartphone laying on someone’s bag, and while it’s not much to go on, it’s still more information than what we had before.

A photo published by a reputable source for all things Motorola may be providing our first look at what is in store from the Lenovo subsidiary in 2016. As we can see in the shot, it’s a smartphone with the trademarked “M” logo in the top corner, the same marking we have seen countless times in previous leaks surrounding Motorola devices. The photo appears to have been taken during a commute on a subway train or bus, with the owner working diligently on a laptop computer, unaware that his smartphone and actions are being photographed. If I had to take a guess, this photo was taken in Chicago, where Motorola’s HQ is currently based in the US. We can also see a scene from a movie or TV show, featuring an actress I am unfamiliar with, but that’s beside the point. More importantly, maybe even most importantly, a fingerprint reader appears to be placed on the bottom chin, sitting awfully close to what appears to be a USB Type-C charging port. We can also make out what looks to be a front-facing speaker grille, as well as a front-facing camera. That’s really all we can gather from the shot.

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