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This new iPhone 6 leak could be the most revealing one yet

Countless iPhone 6 dummy units have been photographed and recorded on video, likely revealing the device’s new design. But now, it looks as though the actual housing from Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 has been revealed for the first time ever. Blog Macfixit Australia posted a picture supposedly showing the iPhone 6 rear case from the 4.7-inch model, saying that it has received the image from a contact in China. The case appears to be made of metal, of course, and has the same design elements seen in iPhone 6 dummy images and videos, including round corners and edges, slim volume keys and two distinct antenna breaks on the top and bottom.

Despite a variety of iPhone 6 mockups and case leaks, there haven’t been as many part leaks for the iPhone 6 outside of what could be the front panel of the device, the backlight panel and the possible batteries. Now, Macfixit Australia has obtained what looks to be the back cover for the 4.7-inch silver iPhone 6. Like many of the mockups, this photo also includes the antenna breaks near the top and bottom portions of the back. It also appears to have a green film on top of it, with silver poking through near the camera and flash holes near the top, indicating that this could be the white / silver iPhone 6. The cover also appears to be made out of a thin metal and includes clear cutouts for the camera and flash, unlike a lot of mockups, which also adds some weight to its possible authenticity. The cover also appears to have the much-rumored round corners, which are similar to the design of the iPod Touch. This also keeps the iPhone in line with both the iPad Mini and iPad Air, which have more rounded back corners. 

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