This portable smart charger reminds you to charge your phone


A portable charger can save your butt on days when your smartphone never seems to leave your hand, but only if you remember to bring it with you. So not only has Elgato packed 6,000 mAh into its new Smart Power battery, but Bluetooth and an accompanying iOS app as well, so that it can peek at your iPhone’s calendar and automatically remind you to pack it on long, busy days.

Elgato wants to take care of your iPhone power on the move with Smart Power. The Elgato Smart Power is an external battery with a difference. Rather than just sit there as a dumb battery, the Smart Power app will keep track of the battery’s charge, so it can remind you to recharge it. Using a Bluetooth connection, the PowerMinder notification will tell you it’s time to recharge your portable battery, so you don’t leave the house with a flat booster battery. The Smart Power app will also delve into your calendar, so if you’ve got a busy day, it can remind you to take your external battery with you. The 6000mAh external battery will completely recharge your iPhone three times and can charge any other USB devices too. It measures 83 x 83 x 23mm and weighs 160g.

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