This service will end your unwanted relationships for you


Sometimes, becoming successful isn’t about doing things better than your competition, it’s about finding a market that nobody else has thought to enter, that way you don’t have any competition. Brothers Evan and Mackenzie Keast definitely seem to understand this, as they’ve launched a service known as the Breakup Shop, which offers users a variety of ways to end their unwanted relationships without having to do it themselves. 

Breaking up with someone is never easy, but would you ever do it through Snapchat? Four people already have claims The Breakup Shop, a new service that offers a variety of ways to end your unwanted relationship. Set up by brothers Evan and Mackenzie Keast to take some of the pain out of breakups, the service will deliver a personalised message to your ex-lover for a fee, informing them that it’s over. For $29 The Breakup Shop will deliver the news via a phone call, while those with less heart, or cash, can opt for a $10 text or email. And if you really want, you can send a breakup Snapchat to your partner for $5 – which should at least give them the comforting realisation that you’re actually a total tool. There’s also an $80 Breakup Gift Pack that includes a Netflix Gift Card, a sympathy letter, a box of cookies, a couple of wine glasses (just to remind you that you’re now alone), and either a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts or The Notebook. Because nothing says “I’m sorry our love didn’t work out” better than the neutralising terrorists or a film about two people in love who end up together.

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