Three men tunnled under a warehouse to steal a bunch of iPhones

Stealing and smuggling iPhones seems to be pretty popular in China considering that just one week after a man was caught in Shenzhen trying to smuggle 95 iPhones by taping them to his body, three other men have been arrested for tunneling under a warehouse in Beijing and stealing 240 iPhone, worth somewhere around $230,000.

Someone, it seems, has been watching a bit too much Shawshank Redemption. Still, we credit the ingenuity behind the idea. According to an article from Xinhua, three Chinese men were recently arrested for suspicion of stealing 240 iPhone 6 smartphones—valued at just shy of $230,000—from a warehouse in Beijing. Now, they didn’t just walk in the front door and grab boxes of iPhones, nor did they pull out a ton of guns and start threatening everyone into a corner as one might expect from one’s favorite action film or video game. In this case, they took to shovels—or whatever else it is they used—to dig a 20-inch hole into the warehouse.


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