TIL: Brazilian gamers pay nearly double per game


Brazilian gamers pay nearly double per game

In North America, we usually pay roughly around $60 for a good quality game, and since most games are marketed and produced in America our laws have been able to accommodate our leisure’s.  However, sadly gamers in Brazil do not have the same luxury as us and instead pay nearly double what we do for the same game.

The reason behind this is that Government laws in Brazil create the high cost since they have yet to make gaming laws suitable for Brazilian gamers, even though gaming there is quite popular. This is due to an old law that states any type of gaming is a form of gambling which allows the Brazilian Government to take a 120% of taxes from the gaming fee.

No wonder they don’t want to change the laws right? So for now, if you live or plan on visiting Brazil, paying for a game is not cheap, it will make you more selective however – The question is, would you pay $150 per game?

[Mario Hat image via eweb4]
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