Tim Cook confirms the Apple Watch will launch in April


We have some more information regarding the release of the Apple Watch and this time it comes straight from the mouth of the big man himself: Apple CEO Tim Cook. While many expected the highly anticipated smartwatch to launch sometime in March, Cook revealed that the device will actually be launching a month later in April, which is apparently right on schedule. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook disclosed Tuesday that the highly anticipated Apple Watch will begin shipping in April. Last September, when Apple introduced the wearable gadget, its first, the company promised it would ship in “early 2015.” Previously, expectations pegged a March release. Cook, answering questions about the watch during his company’s earnings call Tuesday, offered the April timeframe, though he didn’t specify an exact release date. He did, however, mention that development has been progressing “right on schedule.” The WatchKit developer tools launched last November, which means that by the time the gadget hits the market, app makers will have had about five months to create software and services for it.

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