Tim Cook explains why Apple killed off the iPod Classic


As you might have heard, early this September, Apple had officially killed off the iPod Classic. The iPod Classic, as its name implies, is a classic device from Apple and a rather iconic one at that, which is why many were confused as to why Apple would kill it off, although given how long the device has been around, some would say that it would have happened eventually.

During the Q&A portion of his interview at the WSJ.D conference tonight, Tim Cook was asked about the iPod classic, which was finally discontinued last month five years after its last update. Cook said Apple primarily stopped making the device because it was no longer possible to source the necessary parts from anywhere in the world. Apple does not have plans to reintroduce the iPod classic due to a shrinking audience and the engineering costs that would be needed for a new version, but Cook pointed towards the iPod touch, which has almost the same amount of storage space, as a viable option.

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