Tim Cook travels around with nothing but an iPad Pro and an iPhone


It would be disgraceful for a CEO not to use his own company’s products, and Apple CEO Tim Cook couldn’t agree more. As he’s been on a tour to promote the upcoming iPad Pro, which is Apple’s biggest tablet to date, Tim Cook revealed that he travels with nothing but an iPad Pro and an iPhone, which actually prompted some people to question why he doesn’t have a MacBook as well. Although he neglected to mention that he also uses an Apple Watch, numerous images of him sporting one of the smartwatches shows that he does. 

On a tour to promote this week’s launch of the iPad Pro, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said the new 12.9-inch tablet, as well as the iPhone, paired with an Apple Watch, are the only products he is traveling with. Cook’s admission that he is traveling and conducting business on the road without a Mac was made to U.K. newspaper The Independent. When paired with Apple’s new Smart Keyboard cover, Cook said the iPad Pro is a great device for traditional computing, especially with Split View multitasking in iOS 9. “I’m traveling with the iPad Pro and other than the iPhone it’s the only product I’ve got,” Cook said. The CEO failed to mention the Apple Watch, but images accompanying the interview confirm that he is also sporting the wearable device. During Cook’s trip to the U.K., he visited with London-based developer Touchpress. There, the team praised the versatility of the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, bringing new ways of interacting with the iPad Pro.

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