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Times Square gets evacuated and Twitter users tell the story.



Times Square took another hit on Friday with a quick evacuation because of a suspicious package. CNN reports that a cooler was found near 45th St and Broadway and deemed to be suspicious.

With the threat of terrorists attacking again, it won’t be uncommon to see situations like this happen on the regular even more so after last weeks failed car bomb attempt.

Ok, so, now you are saying, “how does this relate to”.

Well how would the world ever see an empty Times Square without the power of good ol’ Twitter.

Twitter users took to their cell phones and posted photos of an empty Times Square. These photos remind me of the scene from Vanilla Sky. We have all seen images of an over populated New York city, but to see it empty shows how serious this terrorist threat actually is.

Thank you to those twitter users who posted photos.






Source – Mashable

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